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first gen farming

I am currently a student at the Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute.  I was faced with the question of "How can agriculturally related organizations help first-generation farmers and ranchers get started in agriculture?" I was hoping to get some answers and or input from people and to what they think.  Through my research I have found that there are a lot of resources available but I have not experienced any of them.  For example; The farm bureau has different programs available.  Have any programs been helpful to you, and if so which ones? If nothing has been helpful please share your experience with me. 

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Re: first gen farming

Agriculture related organizations either research or extension organization mainly help farmers in three way. The first one is that when a person ask a suggestions or advice to the organization, the organization give necessary information based on the query. Another one is that organization give training to the farmers time to time to disseminate the new technology and the third one is that the organization make printing material about various technology and provide those in different times.


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Diversified Agriculture

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Re: first gen farming

As first-gen farming, please go through these to have knowledge about agriculture.

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