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hectic days

Yesterday was wild.  Wallpaper lady came early to finish up, DGD came shortly after to finish 4-H sewing project on my machine as her's was still on the fritz, my mom was really "fuzzy headed" so dr. appt. for her at 3 p.m.  Sewing didn't go too well so I was stressed to help her (modeling was at 5:30 p.m.) and still attend to questions about wallpaper, and finally took 5 min,. to comb hair & throw on make up & fresh clothes for appointment.


Mom's oxygen level was low so blood tests and some other test for oxygen in blood, and an MRI for stroke check up will be Wed. and Thurs. I take her to hearing aid center again.  Full time job.  Dr. talked to her about starting to think about moving into an assisted living appartment in the near future so they can help her.  Didn't sink into her head until bedtime.  I really think we can hold this off a bit but it will be in the cards soon.  Not something anyone wants to think about.


Then home after blood work was done and try &find something for supper.  No planning-no time.  Next year no sewing project unless done a month before hand. 

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Re: hectic days

Linda, I read this right after your reply about resting at lunchtime. Honest to God, girl, you take great care of everyone but YOU!

The doctor is right...but, keep in mind he sees the family dynamic, not just your mother's condition. Better to make those decisions before she gets hurt alone, tries to drive while fuzzy-headed, or wears you out so badly, you fall apart before she does.

I would think that making a choice, while she can participate in the process, gives her a better sense of control. Maybe Duey can weigh in on that subject, having been through this step with her in-laws.

Waiting until you have to just stick her wherever there is an open room in a serious emergency situation would be the thing I would hate to think about. I know my MIL passed up a chance to move into AL, and then really regretted it, after a long power outage in bad weather, which she had to cope with on her own, at 85. She was begging to get in, after that.

Totally agree with you on the last-minute sewing project emergency. Sometimes, kids need to feel the consequences of choices, and procrastination is a choice, too.

Hope things settle down for you. There are too many people still putting too many things on your plate.