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Re: holiday bustle

congratulation Linda on the 50th  and I agree with Kay you always have too much on your plate.

Lately my plate seems to be broken and just not holding much.

We'lll be doing Xmas this weekend.  That is what worked best for the kids.

Of course I'm not ready.  Move way too slow any more.  Been off all year.  Hubby finally got a tree in the house Monday evening. Finding it is bothering me.  This is quite early for me to have a tree in the house.  Then when I thought about it and realized the last time I put up tree this early was the year we had the house fire I really lost enthusiasm for it. I went to get the decorations.  Looks like a crazy person put them away although the twins might have gotten into that attic space earlier this year.

Just can't get on a roll and this vertigo isn't going away very well.  Is better but still have to be very careful and keeps me doing everything at such a slow pace I lose my motivation                                                                                                          

. Some other issues I'm trying to figure out how to address in the coming year.  This transition is not really going as smoothly as I had hoped.  Need to sort out my feelings and decide what to express and what to repress.

Am really hoping they get the farm office out of my house soon because it is becoming a huge issue for me.  DIL and I have to be very careful not to butt heads and it is getting harder and harder having my space invaded

Hubby gone today to bring home some more new cows.  Really didn't need him doing that because we need to finish the part of shopping that he puts input into.  Didn't find out till yesterday he was going so cancelled our plans for last night to will go tonight maybe but probably not because he'll have to be available to push new cows into parlor in the morning.  We just don't get by on abbreviated sleep anymore.