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interpreting dreams

Ever have a dream that has significance that doesn't have to hit you over the head?  Dreamed I was hurrying from the barn to attend a function with my mom who always looks like she stepped out of a bandbox.  I got my hair washed, make up, nicely dressed with my farm stocking hat on, splattered with cow poop.  LOL  In real life I did attend a church program with mom & I did get my hair washed but didn't have time for a shower.  Probably didn't actually feel like I was "presentable".  So, what crazy dreams have you had lately? 

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Re: interpreting dreams

That is a good one!  I'd say that you feel that your active role on the farm prevents you from being the ideal, feminine daughter for that particular mother....hmm, no, that's MY life!

Unlike most spells of life, my dreams are very low-key right now.  I am not sure, but I think this is because I have more wakeful time to consider things that concner me at present.  Perhaps having hat luxury is allowign my subconscious mind ot take a much-needed rest, or at least leave its opinions under the radra for a while.  . 

I've done a lot of posting lately, about things that pop into my mind.  I'm mostly stuck indoors and you girls are my outlet...bless you!  Mike and I have had some very good conversations recently, too.  Do you call these periods of life "introspective"? 

It really does seem that dreams get stranger and stranger as the mind's vocbulary has to step it up to get your attention.  You are being so overtaxed while awake, yoru subconscious has to really act up to get you to notice. 

Hey, I've got an idea for you...put on the splattered hat, and go see that SIL with the flu concerns.  Tell her you are concerned that the microbes in the "mud" that you are up to your hips in every day might make your FIL sick, too!Smiley Wink

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