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knee update

Went to GP today & he explained I have severe arthritis, mini fractures, Bakers cyst from arthritis, & ACL couldn't be found (?).  Could have been injured earlier, destroyed by the arthritis, or snapped from the recent fall.  The fluid is shrinking with time & he feels it's to my advantage that my appointment with specialist is next week as natural healing will help.


So a knee replacement, scope, or ???   Also stopped at chiropractor & he gently worked on me.  My spine & hips out of wack from the fall & he worked on aligning the knee.  Back tomorrow.  

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Re: knee update

Some answers, more questions, right? Try not to speculate until you see the specialist. That will set you on a course of interventions. Hoping for you that the natural healing does kick in.
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Re: knee update

Linda - I have been fighting knee problems since I was a Kid- and in the last few years- it -- at time in almost unbareable - I read Kays post back what ? a couple of months ago and sent her a PM to find out more - after reading her reply - I did what she said and finally went to the doc . which he put me on some Naproxen - twice a day - it helped - some , but still hurt like heck sometimes - went back to see him and he set up a appointment with a knee doc -which I saw 2 weeks ago - ( I knew him he replaced my Moms knee years ago )  He took more xrays - which showed - more or less the knee was shot - said he would like to milk it out 3 years before a replacement - but  that was just dream with my occupation - said any time know forward I would need to replace it - he gave me a shot of corazone under the knee cap - said best ! six months - worse case it would last a month - I have NOT felt this good in 2 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding !!!!  I'm like the old Ken - going a 100 mph !


He also put me on Diclfenac  to replace the Naproxen and it do's work better - I post this up as Kay helped me find direction - Go to a good specialest and get it fixed !  You will not believe the difference you will feel !!


Forgot this - He also has me in a knee brace to help hold the knee in place - it helps too !

Best of luck on this ! 


BTW Kay -------- Thanks a million !



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Re: knee update

Ken, you are welcome. Like I told you then, every knee is different, but the general progression of treatment is going to be NSAIDS like Diclofenac. A cortisone shot helps great the first time, a little bit the second time, and hardly at all the third, in our household's experience of them, so enjoy this one while it lasts.

My current solution is a true combination approach. My trainer has concentrated on strengthening the muscles of my legs tremendously. The therapy she does in stretching me weekly loosens up bound connective tissues, which is relieving a lot of swelling and apparently trapped inflammation.

We are having real therapeutuc massages every other week now, too. She feels for muscle tension ( knots) and works them out with hands and warm stones. If you want a cheap and easy way to relieve a stiff muscle, invest in a set of rocks and the true massage stone warmer off of amazon...maybe $100 for the two. Priceless for our old bodies.

The third prong for us is dietary. This lowers body weight, which lessens stress on the knees, hips, and feet. It also reduces inflammation in the body in general...we are eating Paleo now. No grains, dairy or legumes, and no refined sugars.

We made an exception while eating at the kids' house last night, and are both hung over this morning, from all the carbs. I was literally running into walls from about six-eight a.m. Really lets you know how badly our old diet was taking a toll on our bodies every day!

Finally, my exercise program has advanced me to a pretty good legs and arms feel quite fit. Trainer started core work for part of the workout yesterday.

Even though I can do fifty full sit-ups easily, from TKD warmups, she put demands on other parts of my core. I sometimes wonder how much knee strain comes from struggling to maintain balance in movement, when we let our abs go? I know back problems often stem from a weak core.

I am setting a one-year goal for myself, and have made good progress in seven months. Not all the way to where I want to go, but I can actually do a light jog now. My theory is that the more I do,to a point, the more I'll be able to do eventually.

I say " to a point", because I really set my progress back a couple of weekends ago. I dealt with over 100 loaded plastic tubs we were cleaning out of storage. I stepped up and down from the livestock trailer we had hauled them in a hundred times too many. Trainer worked on it two days straight, then like a dummy, I handled 25 or so back up several steps into my studio house, to set up the kitchen with old dishes, etc. That set me back a second time...not as simple to fix.

The final prong of my program is to avoid doing stupid stuff that undoes all of the hard work described above. That's probably the hardest adjustment to take the good as a gift, health returned, and not squander it.

I take zero medication for arthritis and pain now. I have changed athletic shoes to a different brand ( Brooks) that has several styles that address pronation, which is the source of my original misalignment.

Am considering having my unloader brace re-fit, to keep things aligned better, too. Have lost so much weight from when I got it, it isn't setting right anymore. Good problem to have!
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