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Before mom left on her trip I called the two newspapers she gets and also the post office to stop delivery.  Today I went to pick up her mail at the post office and it had been delivered a day earlier than supposed to.  I like the carrier and we all make mistakes.  No big deal.


Went to check the house and there was 3 papers in the door which weren't to start until Wed.  Looked at the daily paper she gets and you guessed it-one for every day she was gone. 


The daily really upsets me.  She had told me a figur for her monthly payment years ago and I'd been making the payment online.  When I went to stop it, the fella said "whoa-she's got a $400 credit!"  Long story short after I talked to AZ payment office (for Peoria paper?) turns out I'd been paying $5 over since 2008 and they never ever sent her a bill or notice.  Did I want a credit put on her bill?  Not at 92 yrs. old!!  I did get a credit check but they sure never got the papers stopped!  Three different offices and every one goofed up.