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new kitchen friend

On a lighter note.  I recently tried out the Crock put liners.  Love them!  A lady from our church makes the gravy & biscuits for the monthly breakfasts.  Puts the gravy in the lined crockput & throws it away after.  I tried them & think they're especially good for anything that might make a sticky mess to clean.  I even cheated & cut one in half & lined a 9x12 cake pan when I made an egg casserole in the oven.  They're the same material as the turkey bags.

Just thought I'd share something positive instead of my usual vent.

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Re: new kitchen friend

Those liners are great, especially for a take-away crockpot dish.  I always hated putting a crusty crockpot back into the car for the ride home, didn't you? 

Now that I am home a lot more, I have decided to use more of my gadgets and stored ingredients.  The blender got dragged out yesterday, and is getting a workout for smoothies.   It's using up some frozen peach/strawberry'/pineapple  mix I had on hand, plus the bulk bananas I got at Sam's recently.  Those with some ice cubes, a little vanilla nonfat yogurt and a squirt of agave, and I am in healthy, low glycemic index/probiotic snack heaven. 

Anytime you can find a new way to enjoy an old kitchen friend, it's a good thing!  I bet someone invented this idea by sticking a turkey bag into their crockpot one are right that it's the same stuff. 

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