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not here for some time

sorry to see that this board is pretty much gone.  I spent quite a few years posting here and felt some what like I knew several friends here.

The past year has been quite challenging and frustrating.  Started August 2015 with attacks of vertigo.  Struggled all winter long with things just not being right with me.  Culminated in late May 2016 when they finally discovered a tumor in my skull.  Fortunately non cancerous and it was successfully removed.  My brain is back to normal but unfortunately my motor skills are not following suit.  I am still off balance all the time and exceedingly uncoordinated.

Do absolutely no work on the farm any more.  In fact all my babies are gone.  No calf is on this place for more than 96 hours at the longest,  I spend all my time attempting to take care of my house which is not easy when you always feel as if you are about to fall over.  Will be starting some more physical therapy tomorrow.  Hope it helps and they keep telling me to give it more time, that everything indicates I will make a full recovery, but I am worried.  Husband does not like having a needy wife