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Re: not here for some time/update

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Still struggling.  Seemed to be going well for a couple of months then fell apart.  

Have a frozen shoulder.  Kind of fell and caught myself in the hallway and then stupidly in my weakened state kind of just stopped using that arm so guess it quit working.  Therapy is helping a lot and pretty much have full range of motion again but still some discomfort.

have equilibrium problems.  Started I think when I began moving my head more as I slept as I healed.  Every time I would move in bed my neck would make popping noises, so I think again I was afraid to move my head.  

Told my primary physician and the surgeon about my neck but no one thought it was significant. So now they say my vestibular balance is broken and I am doing more therapy to learn to cope with that.  It cannot actually be fixed just coped with.

basically I am not impressed with medical care in our part of the country although I will say for the most part the physical therapists have been good.

so I still have work ahead of me.  I hope it goes well and quickly because I would like to be able to get involved in a meaningful way to try and safeguard our country from this new administration. Am very worried.  Our youngest gets out of the Marines in March.  Hope he can stay out and our unpredictable at the least and kindest way of describing him new President doesn't get us and or the world into some kind of confrontation that would take my son back to active duty.