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Re: not here for some time

I completely understand where you are coming from. I am a retired Navy Nurse Practitioner now Ranch owner and I sustained two traumatic brain injuries during a deployment to the Middle East/Afghanistan. I have suffered from vertigo for some time now, 6 years. I'm going to pass on to you some therapies that have significantly helped me. 


Horses - riding a horse takes enormous amounts of balance and the horse-human bond is amazing for healing. I strongly encourage you to find someone willing to assist you with equine therapy, specifically for your balance. 

Surfing - another huge therapy that encourages the body's vestibular center to reset and heal. The ocean is an amazing tool. If you're not able to get into any type of surf therapy, try stand up paddle board therapy for balance. This can be done at a lake or in a pool. Even sitting in a kayak in a pool will help with this type of vestibular therapy. Work your way up to paddling end to end and finally rolling a kayak over completely and resurfacing. It's very hard at first, no one is a pro at it except the pros. Slow and easy. 


Walking - Take a popscicle stick and tape a small picture to the end of it. Hold the stick straight out in front of you, face the picture. Focus on the picture and walk. Make sure you always have your partner or a friend help you do any of these therapies. Walk forward at a normal pace and hold the picture in front of you, then raise the picture up a few inches slowly and lower a few inches slowly, while continuing to walk forward. Do this for 15 minutes every day, then try moving the stick side to side a few inches while walking towards it. Finally try moving only your head up and down then side to side while walking forward and keeping your eyes on the picture straight in front of you. 

I still get dizzy from time to time, but my life is so much better. Good luck my friend.