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I am finding myself obsessing about what went on with my family during the holidays.  Can't seem to think of anything else.  I am just so disturbed by the manipulations that I think I see and  need to figure out something to do, but can't figure out how to approach anyone about it because I sure don't want to cause any damage.

I am just so upset that my dil and sil seem to me to be changing the dynamics of my family.  And I become daily more upset about my husband letting the arrangement with my son slip through our fingers.  It makes our future much more difficult to manage.  He is working so hard to maintain the changes my son made on the farm.  If he had worked half as much and hard while my son was here things might be different now.

I realize that if I can't relax and let go of some of this stuff I literally am going to lose my mind.

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