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occular questions

I haven't had my eyes tested for more years than I want to admit due to the wild issues for caregiving for my family-no excuse I know.

Anyway I usually have gone to one of the cheaper glasses in a day places which also tests.  Have been satisfied but no longer travel that direction much and at my age Smiley Indifferent I thought it was time for a really thorough exam.  Made one where I take my mom which has a good reputation and also more than one office/city.


When they called for reminder they had me booked at the wrong office and couldn't get me into the closer one for 3 weeks.  Wanted it off my list so I made an appointment with a local optometrist.  Never gone to him but had his dad for a vet for years.  Good vet so should be a good eye dr., right?  LOL


They had some issues testing with the machine for eye pressure and the gal did it 3 times as it wasn't printing out right.  Then while I was taking another test on my own with another machine, they were working in front of me on the first machine.  Distracting to me.


Anyway, at the end of the whole appointment, he said I have some cataracts (no surprise), but not bad yet, and the start of some glaucoma, and something called blepharitis which I have to do an eyelid scrub for w/hot packs & also eye drops.  Then he also recommends ocular vitamins which he sells or can get at a health food store.  One vitamin was $33/60 days and the other was $50/60 days and need to take with food.  Having enough trouble with taking calcium, osteo biflex, my two prescriptions and vitamins without heartburn so I only took the $33 one.  Need to go back in a month to see if there's improvement.


DH thinks he's a quack with all this.  My question is if you are at all familiar with this type of treatment?  The place my mom goes to has never mentioned any of these "treatments" to her.  BTW, I am going to a "cheap" glasses joint for the actual glasses.