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dairy mom
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oh ohh puppy in the ditch!!!

We have 2 young pups running around here.  Born in November I think and we decided to keep them because the old dogs are really showing their age.  Kind of worried the old male wouldn't make it through the winter. 

Anyway having a lot of  fun with the pups.  This morning as we're finishing up milking the employee comes back from locking the cows back in the barn to say one of the pups had gone through the ice on the ditch on the west side of our property.

Ditch has always been there but it kind of ponds up in this spot because of a cattle crossing we put in years ago when we pastured the cows in the field on the west side.  So the water is about 3 ft deep there.  It got fairly well below zero last night, cold enough to ice everything over and the pup was through the ice.

So 17 year old son waded out and got him.  Pup was fine followed son to house, they brought him in and towelled him off and let him warm up a bit.  Then by the time I finished in the parlor and took warm water to my young calves there is the pup wanting some loving.  Then 15 minutes later the 2 of them are taking off into the woods across the road to see what they can find.

Ah the life of a farm dog.

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Re: oh ohh puppy in the ditch!!!

Thank goodness you were able to save him!  Lucky pup...give him an extra pat for me, please?

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