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Re: on being a 62 year old woman/update

Wrapping up bookwork in my office this morning. Realizing how much having the dedicated space allows me to do this job, then walk away. 


I grabbed up a stack of mail from the counter...usually never accumulates, but this has been a week to forget! soon as Winn left for a vet trip with daughter and a friend of hers today.  I had breakfast/cartoon/bubble bath duty, and his pup is stashed in our backyard for the day, because one of her big dogs wants him dead. 


Just went through all the FSA paperwork for VA, one bill that had arrived, and reviewed all the autopay bill statements.  I think at worst, I am 24 hours longer than my usual 48 hours in paying anything and having it posted back out. 


Winn has his own desk and work to do out here, and I sometimes include one of his checks in with my payment, with a note explaining that he is three and wants to learn how to pay bills.  His Tractor Mac workbook is getting a lot of use, and I keep that set of storybooks out here, in case we have to wait for a phone call or something similar. 


Might be something to plan for when Jude gets older, not to mention the electronic learning tools they can use now.  I go light on those, though. 


We packed his snack bag and some stuff for him to do while he travels...always busy!  He told me in the sandbox time this morning that, "We are good workers!" 


So quiet, compared to an hour ago....

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