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passwords, etc.

I am so sick of dealing with the online bank my mom does business with.  I KNOW these changes are for our security, but I called last week & had them help me after they changed everything.  Sent me a password 3 different times.  Today I tried the one I chose & guess what.  It won't work.  Almost 5 o'clock & I'm sure I'll get no help now plus I'm so stinking short on patience I could scream.  Trying to work with my mom on new appointments & she goes round & round.  She went to get her glasses at Walmart & came home without ordering so that I can OK it.  I do not, I repeat do not need anymore issues to OK.


She gave her credit card over the phone to a Penneys associate to straighten out a bill several months ago.  (another one of her returns)  She has been getting billed without the credit everymonth.  I was trying to get into her account to see if it was actually debited so I didn't have to go into town to her house & look at the statements. 


DH & I stopped to get a replacement for his cell phone which shuts off on it's own.  The new style has a ringer I know he won't hear outside.  (I suggested he get the heavy duty model, but no go)  So I'll probably be going back for that too.  Why can't I have one day that is calm?  Is it me?  Thank God the landline got fixed today after 2 wks. of crackling so bad it was unuseable.  Going to go dig in the dirt awhile for therapy.

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