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perfect lives

I've had this on my mind for quite awhile.  Not sure if I can even describe this.

   Do any of you have friends who seem to have perfect lives?  I have several friends who are very self assured & confident whose lives always seem to fall into place.  Always make the right decisions and are always happy with the way things are.  Everything's great and their happy with their lives. 


    I know no one has a perfect life; everyone has problems.  Guess it's the attitude.  I wasn't raised to be a very self confident person I guess.  I think it was the era of dominant parents & my leaving their home for my own at age 18.  I'd consider that a child nowdays but back then many of us got married at 18.  I wasn't raised to be able to make decisions on my own.  My dad thought I should be a secretary so I enrolled in Jr. college in business courses.  Wasn't my choice so I guess that's why I ended up married.  I have friends such as this but they seem to have made their own way.

   Suppose I'm rambling and not expressing myself well.  Sometimes when I'm kinda down I make sure I do not talk to these friends as I'll end up in a funk.  The confinement and work of dairying probably adds to this. 

   Not in a great mood today so please excuse me.  Demands of mom's appointments, etc.  and helping out with grandkids (love 'em tho) and the yard & farm has left little time for me lately.  The calendar doesn't look too encouraging either. 

   Anyway, do any of you know what I'm trying to say?  They are those folks who seem to overlook any rough spots & only see the rose colored life.  What bottle do you get that out of?  I want some.  

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