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dairy mom
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post get together illnesses

Well the son in law who decided not to participate in our family festivities (that's another story) left us all his calling card.  His family was sick when they went to their festivities and our grand daughter brought it to us.  Poor sweetheart was sick most of the 3 days they were here.  But she still gamely came out and did chores with me once, couldn't keep her inside. She's the one that really loves the farm and helping me with the calves.

Now every one is sick.  I didn't even make it out of bed yesterday.  But LOL it got him too.

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Re: post get together illnesses

As we say here in the South...well, there's proof that there IS a God!  Meant in the way of someone getting what they deserve.  


I have been really more concerned about picking up something, more at the funeral home thanat Christmas.  We had already cut out most social events this holiday season, in observance of mourning.  People will come out to show their respects, wven when they are contagious.  


I guess we will have to wait out the week, to seeif we are in the clear.  am more concerned about Winn, since he also had an immunization shot on this way home yesterday, postponed from last week.  


I remember that my sister brought a child with vomiting and diarrhea to Christmas dinner one year, and then Jenna came down with viral meningitis, which the doctors said was probably from an GI bug crossing over.  People just put their own goals ahead of the health of others.  I


I still blame my MRSA on a child whose mother let him come to TKD with crusty  patches from his bout with it.  She was a nurse, too....they can be the worst offenders. 


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Re: post get together illnesses

My good friend had a similar experience after Thanksgiving.  One of her grandkids came down with strepp on the trip to her house where they stayed.  After the holiday, 3 other kid had it as well as herself.  Of course, being the adult she had it the hardest and the longest, having to miss work.


Now she's had to miss again because her mom is seriously ill in the hospital.  Not sure how it's going as I lost her

and everyone elses' cell phone numbers when I dropped my phone in a buchet of milk replacer.  Smart girl here.

It's a bugger getting all those numbers back on and a new phone I'm not crazy about. 


Hope you get over your bugs. 

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Re: post get together illnesses

Some phone companies will have your contact list saved in their system. It's worth asking if yours does.

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