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precertification headaches

Brian goes for another MRI tomorrow.  Thought I'd better double check the preauthorization with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  We are battling one from last time that they refused to pay after I made phone call after phone call only to hear they will pay out patient MRIs.  This was a spectroscopy - $2600+.  Which I also had asked about.


Of course you have to be on hold forever, then my phone disconnects after so long, so you have to go back to square 1 and start over with all the "press #1 for . . .  Tried to get a number & extention for the gal I talked to who I could understand but no, not possible.  Called the dr. office for more info.  Called back to BC/BS for more connections and after and hour on the phone, guess what-no preauthorization needed for outpatient MRIs.  Why didn't the first person I talked to know this?  Aaargh!! Sorry for the vent but my heavens!  Such incompitentcy in such a large business.


We leave on the 7:30 p.m. train and thank goodness I don't need to pack much.  Have had a sinus or allergy problem and ended up in the prompt care over the weekend.  Meds not helping much but our doctor's office has also changed and is another headache getting into adding to the headache I actually have.  Won't talk of that.  But hopefully after we get Brian's issues taken care of, I'm looking to change doctors.  And my poor grandkids wanted to come by here today & I have absolutely no time to give them.  Life.

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Re: precertification headaches

Hoping for all of you that this round of studies shiws promising results. Everything else is just stuff.
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