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"Good" ingredients

Under my pie crust quest below, Linda mentions that you need to avoid cheap flour.  I think we all have favrite brands, which in flour for me may be White Lily, Gold Medal as olf standbys, and I am now finding King Arthur available and a good choice.  (I really like the King Arthur website and catalog, too.)


When I have to buy sugar, which is rare, it is either goingto be Domino or Dixie Crystals.  Cane sugar just tastes right.  Store brands have always had a funny, off taste to me, and I wonder if they are beet sugar instead, to make them cheaper. 


I looked at my baking stuff this morning, and found that I end to buy Rumford baking powder, Argo cornstarch, Arm & Hammer baking soda, and mostly Sauer's spices and extracts,  Watkins vanilla is good, though.  It's harder to find that brand now. 


Our butter is whatever Sam's sells, AA grade, and I wondered if that makes much difference to any of you.  I am so particular about the flour and other ingredients I buy, but grew up on margarine, so any butter is a vast improvement. 


I take it that Linda is a loyal customers fo certain brands, too.  How about the rest of you?

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