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Lisa Prater
Senior Contributor

Re: "No." is a complete sentence.

You're right about it just taking time away from the kids. They meet on Monday evenings, and that's family time for us, and their events are always on Fridays, and that's date night for me and the hubs! We keep that sacred and something has to be pretty important for us to miss our dinner out without the kids! 


And yep, we're still called homeroom moms at our school. I love doing that, because it means I get to help at parties and go on field trips, and as long as my kids actually WANT me to come to those things at school, I'll be there, because I know soon enough they won't. And I'll be sad, LOL!

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Re: "No." is a complete sentence.

Lisa, you will be sad, but you will also know when to stop.  You are not living vicariously through your boys, as too many people do; so, you  will be able to let go by degrees as appropriate. 

Stick to your guns. You already know what is more important.

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