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scary situation

Been a long time since posting here.  Looks like it's pretty dead but I do not want to post this on Facebook so here goes.


Had a difficult situation come up today.  14 yr. old grandaughter, who is on Facebook, etc. way too much, posting to friends and some who she doesn't know well enough.  She had met a 16 yr old boy at a game at school and had texted back/forth as a friend. Her parents were gone today and she let it slip they were going to get a new puppie.  Unspoken words; HOME ALONE.  He said he wanted to come over & she said no, several times.  Next thing she knew he had walked into the house and she asked him to leave, several times.  She tried to call for help & he took the phone away 3 times, chasing her through the house, pinning her to the wall & kissing her on the lips.  She grabbed a knife, telling him to get out, which he took away from her.  He did leave finally after chasing her up to her bedroom (she was going for her cell phone) and into her dad's office where te knife was.   She was hysterical when she called me to come get her.  He was texting apology, and she blocked him.


Her dad called the county cops, from the road trip they were on & long story short the boy is in jail.  Probably will be sent to juvie.  Have heard he is a bully at school, pushing kids around, etc.  OK.  I know this could have turned out terrible but I still have qwalms about this kid being sent to juvenile detention for ?how long.  What is the family situation?  I know he was definitely wrong and I hope my grandaughter learns a lesson here,  but I just don't know if this is the best answer in the big picture.  Would this scare him enough to turn him around?  Wil he be vindictive when he gets out?   Anyone reading this I would appreciate a comment.