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Re: scary situation

I miss the interaction on this site, too.  FB isn't the same. 


I will tell you from experience with a stalker and our daughter: Restraining orders and curfews are only as good as the patents enfircing them on his end.  Our daughter's stalker had a smartass family, who had twelve different guardiands appointed for him, some not much older than he was, so ge coukd go and do as he pleased.  


I found it out, when he and one of them blinded her on the highway, using rear lights on " his" wrecker, when she was coming back from her suster's hospital stay for viral meningitis.  I had called when she called me about the incident, and he was pulled in the county seat...but, they had to let him go, bcause he was with a " guardian".  


The juvenile probation officer was mortified, when zi called the next day, and she looked i ti the file and overall situation.  Still, I would see him out after hours, alone, running the roads.


They broke it up, as far as the guardianship fiasco, but she was never but so safe.  You folks need to really keep close tabs on her, until his trial and any appeals are over.  She is the only witness against him.