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small things that make you madder than a wet hen

So there was a calf born after midnight last night.  It's penned up with it's mother in the dry cow barn.  For some reason hubby left a note for me to tell the morning shift to leave the cow (a heifer) for the afternoon shift to bring  in.  So I tell them that.  So every body should realize I know about the penned up calf.

Then doing my calf chores I find another calf in the dry cow barn.  At a point in the morning I tell my husband "there is another bull calf out back"  he says "the one in the pen"  I say "no another one"

Same thing with the hired man who will move the calves to the calf barn.  "There's another bull calf out back"  He says "the one in the pen"

I bite my tongue and walk away.

What do these stupid stupid men think I'm not smart enough to know whether I see 1 or 2 calves.  And it's not like it's the first time the exact same scenario has played out.

Macho is STUPID