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Ruby Lou
Senior Contributor

Re: small things that make you madder than a wet hen

Thought of you last night when my husband was disagreeing with me.  It was regarding the Potash paperwork.  I was trying to tell him it was percentages and he said no its units.  I finally got out the computer and showed him some sites that said percentages.  he finally backed down and said..OK.!  I suppose I still had better call the agronomy guy at the local coop!  But really...isn't that why they say Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!  Two totally differant minds!

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Re: small things that make you madder than a wet hen

You now, I re-read this one today, just to see if my first take was off the mark. The thing that bugs me most on second thought is that the hired man is as rude to you as your husband is. That isn't surprising, given that a boss models workplace behavior, but it is unacceptable.

Do you HAVE to keep working is this environment? If you were a female employee, it would be a hostile one...
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