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spring weather

Not to be grumpy (even though I kinda am) but our spring weather is really the pits this year.

It's been so rainy here it's hard to get anything outside done.  And it's cool & WINDY also.  Been wearing my stocking hat & long underwear tops.  Know I shouldn't grumble but doggone it, winter was so hard I've really been looking forward to nice weather.

DH has been down in the back also so that's put a bit more on me trying to help him out.  Oh well, it's really nice to see the green out there and I'm sure the rain has helped out the gardens.  Wish mine was in but - - -

P.S.  Just checked out my flower bed & saw the calves managed to stick their heads through the fence & help themselves to my daylilies, irises, & delphiniums!!!    Aaaargh!!!!   I'm off to check that electric fence! 

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Re: spring weather

Most of our rainfall has come in the nighttime hours, until today.  It's drippy, with showers passing through right now.  I've gotten most of my outdoor stuff caught for right now, though. 

Mike and SIL got a nice afternoon to ride the bikes yesterday, and I did all the gardening I had on the to-do list and then some, so we cannot complain.  It varies from in the nineties to in the sixties on a day like today. 

Potted up my last herbs yesterday, and hung an old iron planter rack on the office steps, to set some lantana pots into for color.  Mike had helped me mount two window box racks on the landing rail last week, and I put some window box planters of herbs into them.  All of this is hanging over a bed that I've been setting out perennials in all spring, with my nursery clearance deals from Lowe's. 

Daughter gave her Daddy an upside-down tomato pot last week, and that I hung from a hammered iron hook on the step post, which was what got me to thinking about using this side of my steps and landing for hanging growing things. 

It's funny how you look at a place for ten years, and never see the possibilities until one little detail - like wanting to use a gift from our child - makes you see something differently.  The iron windowbox planters had been on the porch, in too dark a spot for things to grow well for years. They were just hanging there, growing cobwebs, until they were perfect for the stair landing rail. 

I need to step around the back side of the house, to find just the right spot for two semi-dwarf peach trees that Lowe's had on sale Saturday, too.  I want a tiny teahouse-type deck in one corner, and I am thinking they would look pretty blooming beside that, at the two outside corners.  Hard to get much help with the house right now, as Mike's doing a ton of hog house repairs, and son is getting contracting jobs so regularly.  Storm damage is great for small contractors, if nothing else. 

Hope things brighten up soon for you.  I'd heat that fence up PDQ. 

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