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the only good thing

Kay, like your Mike, my DH never runs errands except for the farm store & Menards (another version of

home Depot )  Today he has had to do the banking, ins. office, cleaners, & Dollar General.  He "suggested" I might like to go along just to get out but we are now in a icy, blowing blizzard & just getting to the car would be treacherous for me so he didn 't pursue that notion.  Sat. he had to go to the hardware store-I usually do that one,-the P.O. & meat locker-his usual one.  didn't get in for the stamps before window closed & he just called for the grocery list he forgot.  LOL  I had to literally stand by DS & he to instruct them to neatly fold a table cloth for me.  1st attempt was a disaster. 


OK I know I'd be just as helpless in his world of machinery & feeding, etc. but just let me enjoy this for awhile.

BTW the man has never stepped foot in a walmart




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