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Well, some of you asked to be updated on our life without milk cows.  Not quite 2 months yet so I'm kind of ahead of myself.  The little black beef calves we bought have turned our lives into a nightmare.  Brought in a respiratory bug (not sure which type) and it has spread to all the calves.  Have lost track of how many times the vet has been here doing chute work, vaccines, (shutting the barn door after the horse has left?) etc.  I have 3 of my young Holsteinsthat are still not out of the woods and we nearly lost them.  We have them quarantined and are giving them special care & extra medications.  And yes, the original culprets were also isolated but I guess the wind, etc. spread it.  We are spending losts of extra time medicating & giving shots & just watching.


We can't begin to think of that vacation trip and will be lucky to have things under control by the Dairy Expo in Oct. although I still am not looking forward to seeing those beautiful milk cows.  I know at least 75%  of the audience are either retired dairymen or in some other phase of the business, it will make my heart heavy no matter.  We have a buyer coming next week for the 10 heifers and they'll find a new home in WI.


BUT I am enjoying the little freedom we now have.  And I'm trying to keep that first & foremost in my mind.  Even when DH talks of starting up again in the spring! Smiley Surprised


DH has for years said you buy trouble when you go through the sale barn and he should have listened to his own advise.  But he got a call these were such nice animals.  Lesson relearned.


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Re: update

I was so glad when my FIL  quit buying feeder cattle.  The weeks we spent taking temperatures and running them through the chute.  Was a recipie for someone to get hurt.   But,  to stop it... meant we had to have 80 head of beef cows.   That was enough to keep the feedlot full.  But,  at least our own calves seldom got sick.   


Sorry for your sick babies.  

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Re: update

Thanks for the update, Linda. It is always interesting to hear how things are progressing, especially in the wake of a major life change like yours.

So sorry to hear that the calves created challenges. Hope you guys get it nailed down in time for your planned excursions.

I admire you for your work ethic, but there is more to life than milking. Glad to see you are taking your time and thinking things through.
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