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dairy mom
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Kay didn't you onc say you had a period fighting vertigo.

I've been feeling odd since August.  Not really dizzy but off and it has gotten to the point that I don't want to drive any more than I have to.

Doctor just diganosed benign positional vertigo and gave me a script for what is baically a motion sickness medication.  Also suggested massage, but not many around here, so don't really know if I'll look into that.  Maybe hubby will actually give me a good neck rub.  Have a god daughter that has a license, too bad she's almost 3 hours away. 

Well that's all, typing is one of the things that is giving me trouble.

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turkey feather
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Re: vertigo

Sorry to learn of your problem. Massage is popular maybe there are more than you think in your area. Try it. Good luck!

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Re: vertigo

Sorry to be so slow in making a reply, Dairymom, but I am mostly on iPad these days, and it cannot post here anymore.  Finally in my office for payroll this afternoon.


Yes ,Mike and I both had vertigo for maybe two is the kind that hits you when you roll over to the right in bed.  Very specific to aging I read somewhere.  It seems to have resolved itself in both of us in the past year. 


I cannot say what started or ended it.  I do get routine massages, every two weeks, but Mike doesn't like this girl's therapeutic approach, so hasn't had one in months.  Massage helps me with a lot of my arthritic problems, I think...but, this therapist is not the kind to rub you just to rrelax...she requires me to push back against her for some areas.  It is what my body needs.


It is a miserable situation...I hope yours resolves soon. 

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