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We took a quick trip to Kewanee yesterday to see what all the commotion was about these "walldogs".  I had seen some of it Fri. night when I went to a visitation there.  It is sooo cool!!


Maybe some of you are familiar with such groups but this is a first in our area.  They are painters from all over the U.S. that paint scenes on the side of buildings.  They pick one city a year tp do.  The pictures are all historical of the city.  On Wed. night the street lights were turned off and the pictures are projected onto the side of the buildings and are outlined by the painters.  Then throughout the next 4 days they are air brushed or brush painted.  Kids and residents are encouraged to participate.  They are georgous and it's so interesting to learn of these historical facts.  There are 17 murals.  Of course the town did a promotion with bands, foods and activities. 

Last year they did Arcola IL.  They also have done Danville IL and Plymouth WI among others.  Right now they are booked through 2017.  I suppose this isn't new to a lot of you but we think it's pretty neat.


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