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The magnet post kind of hit me.  I'm still having issues for RSD (there's another code for it; can't remember) and have improved as far as the wrist movement itself.  The fracture stirred up arthritis in the hand/fingers so I'll probably do hand stretches, etc. until the day I die.


When I went back to the surgeon 2 wks ago I was having pain in my underside of wrist which she said was the RSD and suggested I go to a pain clinic, which finally called today.  She said they would understand the problem more than her. Don't have to see her again for 2 mos.  Still doing PT.  As a surgeon, I realise this isn't her forte.

The pain clinic would probably do a shot in the neck she said for the nerve.  Woman Surprised


Confused, I went to GP yesterday.  He wants me to do a test for nerve blockage.  If that turns out to be the case, I would need more surgery such as a carpal tunnel.  Otherwise, he wants me to stay on Lyrica, which makes me so lethargic & tired.  (gaining weight from this, aargh!)  Plus, I read on internet (I know, not a good source) that more surgery isn't always the answer.


Don't want any of this.  I've improved with the therapy but am concerned when it stops.  Really don't know where to turn.   I really don't have a lot of pain.  Sensitivity on wrist & swelling & feels like hands going to sleep.  My instinct right now is to sit tight, wait & see a few more weeks. Maybe I should try magnets or acpuncture.

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Re: wrist/magnets/etc.

If they will allow it, why not try the lghtweight compression gloves I described? I think I paid around $30 for them, with shipping. Tommie Copper ...Google for it. May help, but of course ask first.

I wore them 24/7 for much of the winter (ordered a scond pair, to have one to wash and wear. Thy helped the arthritic pain in my thumbs, which might be carpal tunnel...I do not ask.

Honestly, I think the blockage test makes sense, before you opt for more treatments. There are therapeutic exercises thst can help carpal tunnel, too. Once you get ahead of the pain, maybe the Lyrica can go away.

Also, did you get assessed by a chiropractor after your fall. You may have created some pinch of a nerve that no one else has looked for. That happened in our rearender wreck many years ago...doctors never examined my spine, which had 2 vertebrae turned 45 degrees...making for a very painful shoulder and numbness down that arm.

My " fantastic" physician never looked beyond the shoulder joint. I suffered a lot longer than necessary. Also, chiro can address joints other thn inal issues...mine opened my sinuses for me once. Amazing.

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Re: wrist/magnets/etc.

I certainly understand where you are coming from. I just figured out how much more PT I will be getting and now I will be getting tested for nerve damage. That would be something permanment which I do not need.

Kay has suggested several things to try before you even consider surgery. The company for the magnets is Magnetic Therapy Products. They are online.  There is lots of information on the site.

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