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wrist update

Stitches removed yesterday and xray and I seem to be healing fine.  Dr asked me to make a fist with my swollen fingers-you must be joking! - to which the know it all I live with spouted "I told her" and the dr. said "listen to your husband"  Aaargh!!  I had been using my arm without sling & trying to move fingers but they are so swollen there's not alot of action there. 


Start PT this week and of course 1st evaluation is scheduled for the trip for mom's ear dr. appt. so I need to reschedule.  How does it happen that it clashes with the one thing I have to do?  This will be difficult as I'm sure she will need several trips & I will be going 3 x's wk.  I don't want her to have to go alone even tho she's sure she can. 


I now have a removable splint so I can get my arm wet.  That will be good.   Just thought I'd keep you uptodate.

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