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Re: you can win a prize

Oh Kay, you must have a crystal ball.  DH called last weekend for brother to come over & keep dad company; we had DGD's 3rd birthday party.  So, he came.  At 10 o'clock in the morning!!

(party was at noon)  And my SIL didn't think she should come because someone at work had had the "bad flu from last year".  She might have some germs on her!  ROTFL Smiley Very Happy

FIL is recovering pretty well & now says the nurse says he can drive himself.  Whatever.

We're going to a fish fry tomorrow night & he can eat the leftovers I have from tonight.  Unless BIL comes over.  DH is so peeved he can hardly talk to his brother civily.

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Re: you can win a prize

Linda, this is the life I lived as a child, form severla years, with my grandfather in a hospital bed in our living room ( of a four-room house).  He would paint himself and the bed rails, the walls, his sheets, etc;, with the contents of his diaper. 

Then my grandmother lived in the house after he went into a nursing home.  Every Sunday driving up to check on him, carsick the whole way there and back.  Watched my grandma collapse and die in front of us kids after breakfast one morning. 

Not the first one of several siblings helped my mother with any of this.  When Mike's elder aunts an uncles started to decline, I somehow got elected to take a large role in their care planning and caregiver training....which was about as far as I could/would go, with three babies at home.  Thirteen siblings in that family, and tons of their children...but I, unrelated except by marriage, was the "only one" who could do things like get them into rehab, to doctor's visits, cath them and teach hired caregivers to cath them, etc. 

They lined up for the inheritance, though.  I could write a book on this one, Sistah!  It's not a crystal ball, it's a rearview mirror...been there and done that. 

Tell Sil you appreciate her concern, but he's had a flu shot, and it included that virus! ( It did.  This year's shot had swine flu vaccine incorporated into it.)  I can tell you what comes next, but let's enjoy the good laugh over this one tonight.  If you don't laugh in this situation, you will cry all day long.  

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