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Ten Great Things About Seed Catalog Season

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Ten great things about seed catalog season:

1) You can read, hovering over hot chocolate, about seeds that germinate over 100 degrees higher than your wind chill readings now.

2) You can start research on how to grow better tomatos than Miss So And So in town AND start planning the part at the county fair when everyone wants your autograph.

3) You never took DOWN your seed starter greenhouse be better prepared for this exact moment. And by gosh, you're going to find stuff that needs to germinate NOW.

4) You can tell your husband that you ordered 1000 of an item you liked in 3 different colors and it cost him less than $25.

5) You found several of your garden weeds under "Greens" making you both trendy and suddenly profitable.

6) You haven't seen anything cuter than teeny tiny eggplants named Gretal and Hansel.

7) You can spend another season searching for sweet peas that smell as good as your great grandmother's did and know it is futile.

😎 Your daughter is circling sunflowers and squash instead of pointing at things in the Apple App Store or Amazon.


9) You can allow yourself to think about the ground outside becoming warm and tactile, not cold and hostile. 


10) You can build and rebuild your garden a thousand times in your head without pulling out a single dripline, fence or lattice. 



May your long johns not bunch and your coffee stay hot.............

About the Author
Anne has worked in agriculture since she was old enough to sweep the floor of the family machine shed. She writes about rural & outdoor life from the most remote county seat in the Lower 48, where she and her husband chase two children. Her experience ranges from picking apricots in 100 degree weather and working with Hutterite colonies, to discussing ag trade with the Ambassador of New Zealand and judging cured meats.