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The County Agent's Wife: Thirteen Ways to Know You Married Into Extension

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WIAAgentWifeScaled.pngWhen I married a County Extension Agent, I knew life would be different. People that like us try not to emphasize the "different" part too much. Doesn't everyone collect dead bugs for their husband's office? For the record, the same is true for men with Extension Agent wives as well. It's kind of a cool are 13 ways that I know I'm a member:


 13) In traveling across the state, you know there is at least one office with friendly faces in every single county.

12) You get married at the Fairgrounds, because it seems appropriate and you know where everything is organized.**

11) More than once your children have been used to illustrate proper showmanship techniques, usually starring as pigs or sheep.

10) You lay in bed together at night talking about how to help a 4H member struggling with a project or life issue.

9) When he says he's out touring the country, there is no band and he comes back with notes, soil samples & hay to test.

😎 Friends (although many are now considered former-friends) bring you smushed spiders wrapped in tissue to take home for identification purposes.

7) Your friends all call you with technical canning questions so you can ask your husband.

6) A date now involves judging indoor ag events at a neighboring fair with side by side interview tables.

5) It's normal to walk to a vehicle filled with a variety of barley, wheat and other plant or dirt samples left in the front seat while you shopped. You try to shield the interior from wind as you climb in.

4) You no longer think about it when the phone rings at 5am on a Saturday and you hear him tell the producer, "Yes, I can help with that."

3) You've heard him politely say, "Yes Ma'am. Too much water may kill your plants."

2) Your spouse identifies noxious weeds while traveling on highways at 75mph AND remembers the mile marker. If it is especially offending, he makes a U-turn so he can go pull the weed himself.

1) After the county residents hear the Agent is dating someone, you get interviewed by area families at an ag update session to be sure you pass as good wife material. And that you also know cows. And that you might know how to pull a calf (or two). *


** That is REALLY one of our wedding photos

*In case anyone wonders, I passed. And got put on night calving crew at one point.......


About the Author
Anne has worked in agriculture since she was old enough to sweep the floor of the family machine shed. She writes about rural & outdoor life from the most remote county seat in the Lower 48, where she and her husband chase two children. Her experience ranges from picking apricots in 100 degree weather and working with Hutterite colonies, to discussing ag trade with the Ambassador of New Zealand and judging cured meats.