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Farmer Frketich, A Woman in Agriculture

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Thanks so much for stopping in!  My name is Brenda Frketich and I'm a third generation farmer from St. Paul, Oregon.  I am lucky to live and work in the heart of the Willamette Valley, a growing region in the northwest that can boast on growing over 250 different crops in some darn good soil!



My family farms about 1000 acres and  grow perennial ryegrass for seed, crimson clover for seed, wheat for seed, vegetables that in the years have included green beans, peas and squash, and also hazelnuts.  I plan in the weeks ahead to go more into depth about what each of these crops means to our farm, but first I want to tell you a little bit more about me.




I am 30 years old and grew up on this farm and in a teensy tiny town.  When I was just out of high school I decided that it was just a bit too small for me and I headed off for more adventures in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University.  I received my Business Management degree there and also a lot of education about how lucky I was to grow up on a farm!  Life just isn't the same in LA as it was in St. Paul, and I realized that as they say, you really can't take the honky tonk out of the girl!


I have been back on our family operation for seven years now.  Slowly taking on more and more responsibility as I go along.  I recently added to that family by marrying the man of my dreams, Matt.  And we are now expecting our first little start to our own legacy this coming May.  We also have two great dogs, both are old, and both are a big part of our lives out in the country (I'm sure you will hear more of these farm characters along the way).



I will be posting once a week about my life as a farmer and so I hope you will stop by again to see what's new!  You can also catch up with me on my personal blog,  Please let me know if you have any questions, topics, suggestions, etc. I would love to hear from all of you!

About the Author
Brenda Frketich is a third generation farmer from St. Paul, Oregon. She has been farming full time since 2006 and currently manages her family's 1000 acre farm. They raise grass seed, hazelnuts, crimson clover, wheat, vegetable seeds and peas. She grew up on the farm but never thought that farming was what would be her future. She left her small town to Los Angeles to get a degree in Business. But after years of city living she realized farming was in her blood. Brenda is very involved in many parts of her industry and community. She is a volunteer Firefighter and EMT in her small town. She is involved in Farm Bureau, is a Clover Commissioner, and always tries to find new ways to bridge the gap between her urban neighbors and her rural life of farming. One of the ways she does this is through this blog, and also her personal blog, Brenda is married to Matt Frketich who has also recently started farming with her. They also have a son, Hoot, and old hunting dog, Diesel and farm dog Yukon.