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Happy National Ag Day (A few days late)

by Brenda_Frketich on ‎03-27-2014 06:44 PM

National Ag day was just this past Tuesday, and it also marked the 100th birthday of Norman Borlaug.  Now if you haven't heard of this great man before, take some time to learn about what he has done for modern day agricluture.  It's pretty impressive.  So impressive it actually won him the Nobel Prize, and gave him the name of the Father of the Green revolution, not to mention a Congressional Gold Medal, Presidential Medal of Freedom...the list goes on and on.


**Photo courtesy of AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers.


I'm not here to give you a history lesson, you can do your own research on this great man.  But what I do what to say is that the fear of not being able to feed people on this earth isn't a new thing.  It isn't something that has just jumped up out of no where putting us into hysterics along with all those fancy graphics and slide shows that prove that we have an impending problem of feeding the world's people on our hands.


And we have come a long ways!  Here are just a few farming facts for you...

  • The energy used to grow a bushel of corn has fallen 37% over the past 30 years. (USDA)
  • US farmers produce about 40% of the world's corn using only 20% of the total harvestable acres in the world. (America's farmers)
  • They also produce 5 times more corn on 20% less land than they did in the '30's! (USDA)

And most of this is attributed to the fact that using science and technology to further our ability as farmers to feed more people is paying off.  It seems short sighted to worry about feeing a growing population, while not wanting to embrace any of the new advances that have come from great men like Norman Borlaug. 


So take a minute this week, to first of all thank a farmer who has grown food for you and your family.  And secondly think about about what a big job we have ahead of us, and give us a little credit that we are trying to provide safe and healthy food for you and your family for the next 100 years and beyond!