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Meet a few Young Farmers from Oregon

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I have been a member of Oregon Young Farmers & Ranchers committee for about 8 years now.  I joined up when I returned to the farm after college and have been active ever since.  I think that being involved in important for a lot of reasons, having a say, being at the table, networking with other farmers, meeting new people and broadening our understanding of our industry around Oregon and the US, just to name a few reasons.


Oregon Farm Bureau this year has put together videos of many members of our state committee.  We were asked why we were involved in Farm Bureau, we talked about our farms, and why it's important to be involved.  After filming this summer I was anxious to see the final product and it came out yesterday! 



After you watch all three of the videos (two more below), you can see that Farm Bureau attracts many different kinds of farmers.  Since Oregon is home to so many different crops, it's nice to have an organization who tries to always encompass what the industry as a whole represents.  To keep up with more videos from Oregon Farm Bureau you can subscribe to their YouTube page or like them on Facebook.


Meet Kathy Hadley, Chairman of Oregon Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee:



Meet Evan Kruse, committee member of Oregon Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee:

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This is very inspirational. We are trying to get exposure for some of our farmers in Africa and this site has been great.