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"I Grow Oregon Hazelnuts"

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Now whether you grow Oregon hazelnuts or have lived your whole life thinking of them as filberts, there is a lot of pride around what we grow in our orchards here in the Willamette Valley.  While the hazelnut doesn't have the is more the up and coming nut when compared to the almond or pastachio, we are working as an industry to make it more known and more common place.


This video was released just a few days ago by the Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board and features just a few of our growers here in Oregon.  It was done so well and really captures not just the beauty of our area here, but also the pride that is taken with each orchard that is planted, each tree that is pruned and taken care of from generation to generation.



Hazelnuts or filberts, whichever you prefer, are a generational crop.  When we planted our newest orchards thoughts of how my son will be the one to care for them, my grandkids will be able to climb those trees, were all running through my head. It's a cool thing to think about when tradition and love for the land already run so deep in my life.

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Great video Brenda! We visit family in Dallas, OR often and have driven through those hazelnut orchards....even stopped to talk with some families on their farms. We are almond growers, so we love to see that product advertisement in all its forms. Videos like yours are what introduce the public to where and how the food gets to them and the heart that it takes to keep doing this labor of love year after year and generation after generation.  Thanks!