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A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

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A Little Paint.png


A few weeks ago I talked about the ripper bedder My Farmer bought at a farm auction.  When I first saw it, the equipment was in pieces.  It needed a paint job and a number of parts needing replacing due to wear and tear.  Time for a makeover!


This is the before picture:


ripper bedder.jpg



When I say they took it apart, I mean they took every single nut and bolt and screw and any other part that could be removed off.  The parts took over our shop as the priming began.


priming parts.jpg


Then came the painting.


painting parts.jpg


They had to take care to cover the threads on the bolts so they didn't get painted.




Two coats later, and the pieces were ready to be put back together.  


 ripper bedder after.jpg


Looks great doesn't it? 


ripper bedder after 2.jpg


But, more importantly for us, it works even better, as you can see from this video I filmed while we were having some quality family time in the tractor!