Accidental Pumpkin Farmer

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There is an old tobacco barn in our backyard bordering the field. It has been retired from barning tobacco for many years; now My Farmer uses it to store equipment.  I use the backside as a graveyard for dead potted plants.


close up of vines.jpg


Earlier this year I headed to the back of the barn to dump out the pots of herbs I’d tried to grow. As I got closer I noticed a vine growing, which puzzled me.  It took me a few moments to remember that I’d tossed our pumpkins back there after Thanksgiving last year.  Could I be growing pumpkins?


I kept an eye on the back of the barn and soon I noticed a distinctive orange shape. Sure enough, I had become a pumpkin farmer. 




 Luckily we don’t depend on my pumpkin farming skills to support our family. Out of all the blooms, there were only four pumpkins.  They all looked great on top.  Then I turned the pumpkins over.  Not only could I not use them to make pie, I couldn’t even use them for carving.


It looks like our local pumpkin patch has nothing to worry about. We’ll be visiting soon to pick out this year’s pumpkins. 


Have you ever “accidentally” grown anything?