Equipment in Pieces

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I walked up to the shop last week, and this is the sight that greeted me.


spacers on cart.JPG


What is all this?  Well, these are parts of the ripper bedder My Farmer bought at a farm auction several weeks ago.  They brought it home one morning and by the time I got off work and could get to the shop, they had already taken it apart to replace worn pieces and give it a paint job.  


You may be wondering what a ripper bedder is.  We pull a ripper bedder behind the tractor.  It has two jobs:  to "rip" the hard soil six inches below the surface so roots will be able to grow through it and to "bed" the land for planting.  Since this piece of equipment serves two purposes, we only have to make one pass through the field, saving time and fuel.


On our farm, we bed soil that will be planted in tobacco and sweet potatoes.  Both crops need well drained soil, and bedding helps achieve this.  


So what was lying on the cart?  They are spacers, which you can see a close-up of below.  I don't know what they do;  My Farmer tried to explain it to me but I'm a visual person so I'm waiting until it's put back together for a lesson on that.  I do know these spacers have done a good job but will be replaced.


spacers close up.JPG


The rippers are on the front and are what break through the hard bed soil surface.  They are ready for a paint job.




Here are the old discs, which are what actually form the bed.  There is no saving these...they will be replaced with new discs.    


disc blades.JPG


Just when you thought there couldn't be any more piles of parts what do I find but another pile!  I had no idea equipment came in so many parts.  I'd have drawn a diagram of all the parts and where they go, otherwise I'd never get it back together. That's why I work in marketing and not equipment repair.  




Here's the before picture.  I pulled this from the auction's website since I didnt' get home in time to take my own pictures.    




I can't wait to see it after the guys paint it and get the worn out parts replaced.  What shop work is happening on your farm right now?