It's Yoga or the Tractor

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Thursday afternoon I planned to pick my son up from daycare and get in a quick run before dark.  This changed when I pulled into the yard.


Tractor in field.jpg


You see, the tractor and planter were in the field behind our house planting wheat where tobacco had been until a few weeks ago.  This could spell trouble when you have a son obsessed with tractors.


I managed to get my little farmer in the house without him seeing it by sprinting from the truck to the house when the tractor was hidden by a shed.  However, I still had to get outside, strap him in the stroller and jog down the road, all without him seeing the tractor.  Talk about MIssion: Impossible. 


So instead of a late afternoon run I decided a yogo DVD was in order.  Then the tractor pulled up beside the house so the guys could refill the planter with seed. 


Then I noticed My Farmer was here.


That did it.  I dragged on my sweats, pulled a sweatshirt over my little farmer's head and out we went to sit by the edge of the field and watch the tractor.


sitting on the side.jpg


This is a favorite pastime. I love it when he sits in my lap to watch the "Broom Broom".  I'll miss this when he gets older.


After a few minutes on the sidelines we climbed in the tractor with My Farmer for some family time.  When you are a farm family, family time can often be spent in the tractor cab. 




Here is our "family in the tractor" picture.  It was getting dark. There was no time to pause and take a proper family picture when there was wheat waiting to be planted.  It's supposed to rain this weekend so we are trying to finish planting before the clouds unload. 


How did you fit in family time this week?