Life is a Peach

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It's peach season in North Carolina and this week I was able to participate in Peach Day at the Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market.  Ya'll come on in and enjoy the sweetness of NC peaches!




The NC Peach Queen was on hand. We take our peaches seriously here.


queen small.jpg


This farmers market is one of the state-owned facilities in North Carolina.  They hold event days for many NC crops, including strawberries, greenhouse tomatoes, watermelons and blueberries.  During these events the market partners with Commodity Associations (NC Strawberry Association, NC Watermelon Association, NC Blueberry Council, etc.) to promote NC crops. 


This week's event was a partnership with the NC Peach Growers Society and the NC Dairy Industry Promotion Committee.  What do dairy and peach have to do with each other?  July is ice cream month, so we gave away samples of peach ice cream!


Ice cream tent.jpg


The NC Peach Council also sponsors a recipe contest.  That's my job.  Not the eating.  We have judges for that, who hopefully skipped breakfast that morning. 


 table 1.jpg


The great thing about this contest was the variety of recipes.  There were dumplings, jam, salsa, pizza and chicken wings.  Yes, chicken and peach do go together.


First prize was awarded to the Carolina Peachy-Keen Jam.




The Peachy Keen Salsa won second place.  Despite the similar name, they weren't made by the same person.





 Third prize was awarded to Heather's Peach Upside Down Cake. 


upside down cake1.jpg


The winning recipes can be found on the farmer's market website.  What peach recipe would you enter in the contest?