Natural Decorations

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I looked around my house the other night and realized how many decorations I have that come from nature.  I can't take credit for making any of them as I am not that creative or crafty, but I can take credit for bringing them home.



Of course this time of year our Christmas tree is the biggest natural element in our house.   I bought this little angel years ago at a Christmas craft show during my Black Friday shopping adventure (I have since retired from Black Friday shopping - unless it's online). 


This angel is made using a cotton boll.  I love cotton.  It is such a beautiful crop in the field and has so many decorative uses.  Not only do I have this lovely angel but this year I added a beautiful wreath.


cotton wreath.jpg


Did I mention how much I love cotton?  A friend started Bella Cotton Boutique this year, and this is one of the items she offered.  I know the farmer who grew this cotton.  I know the person who made this wreath.  I love buying local!


My wreath can be hung outdoors in a covered area, but if I hung it on the front door I'd never get to see it.  So, I hung it on the front door, but inside our living room.  Now, we get to enjoy it every day. 



This year I also added a herd of deer to our holiday decorating.  I'd been looking for deer for several years and stumbled across these while I was shopping with a local farmer. 


I knew he made pigs, but also discoverd that Dennis at Carden Farms makes deer.   He uses branches and logs he finds and let me tell you, they are solid!  The buck may not look it, but it was all I could do to lift him out of the trunk. 


I bought the buck and doe and then realized when I got home I needed a fawn so our entire family was represented.  I happend to see Dennis and few days later and what did he have in the back of his truck - a fawn!  It was meant to be.


I may keep this herd on display year-round.




My favorite decoration has to be this vase of wheat.  I bought the vase from a North Carolina potter and could never find just the right thing to put in it.  These wheat bouquets, which I carried at my wedding, are a perfect fit.


So what items from nature do you use to decorate?