Searching For A Play Farm

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When I was 11 my mom and I moved from a large house to a small apartment. This meant a huge yard sale, during which almost every toy from my childhood was sold.


I never missed those toys until I had a child of my own and realized I had no toys of my own to pass down to my son. My barbies wouldn’t be a big hit, but my matchbox cars would be in demand.


One think I really wish I still had was my Fisher Price Play Farm. The one with the barn door that says “Moo” when you open it. With the farmer and his wife, the cow, horse and sheep. With the tractor and fences.


fp family farm.jpg


Last weekend my son and I visited my aunt and uncle. My cousin and her daughter were also visiting. My aunt had pulled out some of her kids (my cousins) toys, including their Fisher Price Play Farm for her granddaughter to play with.


As you can guess, my son loved the farm. So much that he didn’t want his cousin to play with any of the parts.


I’d looked for one before at several local stores. Target carries the newer version of Fisher Price’s Little People Farm but it’s just not the same. Yes, it makes more sounds and, according to the website, “brings the world of the farm down to size”, but it’s just doesn’t have the nostalgia of the original.


I also found a a 50th Anniversary Play ’n Go Farm online at Target. It looks similar to the original without the hay loft and silo. Again, close, but no sale.


I decided to look at Craigslist and Ebay to see if I could an original Fisher Price #915 Play Farm online. I struck out on Criagslist but hit the jackpot on Ebay. My search returned 307 results for the barn!


A quick scan shows prices starting around $20, but many of the lower priced barns are damaged due to wear (what should I expect from a toy that is over 30 years old?) or missing parts. I found one that could be mine for $125.


Now I just have to decide if my son really needs this barn, or if I would be buying it for me. What do you think?

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