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Six Apps I Can't Live Without

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As someone who is not technology savvy, I tend to be late to the party on any new technologies.  Heck, I can't even plug the TV, DVD player and satellite receiver together.  Suffice to say, computer technologies are not my thing BUT I am starting to come around to the computer side.
Since I broke down and traded my flip phone for an iPhone two years ago, I have learned there are some great apps available.  Most of the ones I use have to do with saving money, fitness or my son.
I attended a workshop at this year's North Carolina Young Farmers and Ranchers annual meeting called "iPad Apps for Agriculture". The speaker talked about 12 different apps that could be beneficial to folks working in ag.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit I'd only heard of one.  I'm going to use the excuse that, while I am involved in agriculture, I don't farm every day, so that's why I haven't heard of most of the apps mentioned in the workshop. 
The workshop got me thinking about the apps I use on a regular basis.  Here are the six apps I don't want to live without:
1.  RunKeeper
     When I started running this app kept me motivated and it still does.  It gives me updates every 5 minutes on how far I've run and my pace time.  It is linked to my iTunes playlist so my running music starts as soon as I start the app.  I'm sure there are lots of other features I haven't figured out yet.
2.  Weight Watchers
     I am a lifetime member of weight watchers and this app helped me achieve my goal weight.  I can track what I've eaten, look up the points values of food, search for recipes and find a meeting, all with a few taps of my finger.
3.  Coupon Sherpa
     I love a bargain and this app has a list of stores with links to coupons to use in the store or if you are shopping online.  The nice thing is, there are everyday stores like Babies R Us, not just specialty shops.   
4.  Cartwheel
     I love Target.  There, I've said it.  Their cartwheel app is easy to use;  before you go shopping (or while standing in the store), search the list of deals available and select the ones you want.  Buying milk this week?  You can get 5% off if you use the Cartwheel app.  The hardest part for me is remembering to show the cartwheel barcode to the checkout person so they can scan it.  
5.  Lego Trains
     My son loves this app.  He gets to build a train and travel with it through the country-side.  It's great for his hand-eye coordination and keeping him entertained if we are trying to eat in a restaurant.
6.  The Weather Channel
     This is the only app mentioned in the "iPad Apps for Agriculture" workshop I'd heard of.  I use this one daily since it tells you to the hour when to expect rain and what the temperature will be.
If you are in the field every day, you might benefit from other apps the workshop highlighted, including "Farm Manager", "ID Weeds" and "Veterinary Handbook for Cattle, Sheep, and Goats."  
I'd love to hear what apps you find beneficial - for fitness, for finances, for family and for farming.  So how about it - what apps are you using?

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