Snow can't stop the Seeds

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We have had a lot of snow here in North Carolina over the last two weeks.  Okay, if you live anywhere but the south, what we call "a lot" wouldn't even cause you to pull out a pair of boots but here we close school at the mention of snow and buy up all the milk and bread in the land.


The farm doesn't care what the weather is....there are still things that need to be done at certain times.  One of those is seeding our greenhouses.  We typically seed around Valentine's Day, so the plants have time to grow in the greenhouse before being transplanted to the field.  


The first greenhouse was seeded on February 9.  We've had ice and snow off and on for the last two weeks so I hadn't been by the greenhouse to see if the seeds had started coming up.  When I first walked in I saw this:


Seed view.jpg


At first glance, I didn't see any sign of new life.  At second glance, I still didn't see anything.  So I looked closer.


seed far away.jpg


 Still didn't see anything.  I thought the cold weather may have slowed down the seeds, which wouldn't be good news for us.  I took one more look, this time actaully squating down beside the trays.


seed close up.jpg


They are tiny, but we have plants!