Who's Your Source?

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I participated in a webinar this afternoon that was part of the American Agri-Women Leadership Academy.  The webinar focused on how we can be effective advocates.


As I was listening to the presentation I realized that I need to develop my own resource network.  I don't know about you, but I often get asked about aspcets of agriculture I'm not directly involved in. 


For example, I was talking with a friend receintly and she mentioned she'd read about puss in milk.  Having taken dairy classes while I was at Virginia Tech and having spent time in dairies, I was able to talk with her about how cows are milked, how milk is tested and how milk from cows that are sick or being treated is dumped and doesn't enter the food supply.


That dairy conversation I felt comfortable having.  Others I don't.  I read a artcle in HGTV Magazine earlier this year that was discussing organic versus conventional milk.  The article contained information on processing that I wasn't familiar with.  I needed a source of information.


Luckily I had a source;  an organic dairy farmer in MInnesota who I met through a US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance training I attended.  I was able to send her a message asking for her thoughts on what I'd read and get information from a reliable, knowledgable source.  i wish HGTV Magazine had done the same.


Today, as the speaker talked about how we may be asked questions we aren't expecting, I realized I needed some sources.  I need people, I need websites, I need books;  I need those sources I can go to with my own questions or to get answers to questions I am asked.


So I'm hoping you won't be like the media and will be willing to reveal your source.  What person, website, or book is your go-to for agriculture information?