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Giving Farms a New Perspective

by Jennifer_Dewey ‎10-15-2014 11:49 AM - edited ‎10-15-2014 02:54 PM

Last week we had the joy of our friend and resident UAS expert, Chad Colby of AgTechTalk, visit us here in nowhere's land North Dakota. And of course, he brought along his UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems. Chad has always been a techie at heart and UAS have allowed Chad to merge his love of agriculture and technology. Chad has enjoyed speaking to growers and companies all over the country about Unmanned Aerial Systems and is one of the most respected and well-versed individuals in the field.


Soybean Harvest Go Pro -5.jpg



One of the major reasons Chad has become so outspoken on the topic is simply due to the lack of knowledge there is out there on UAS. Chad presents the facts on his blog, AgTechTalk. He claims, as of right now, the facts are simple. "If an individual or company flies any unmanned aircraft for commercial use, it's against the law. Period. You can use an umanned aicraft for non-commercial or private use."


Soybean Harvest Go Pro -2.jpg


More and more UAS is becoming the buzzword in Agriculture. We've attended several meetings already this fall with UAS demos and information. UAS is not only giving farmer's a unique look at their crops and livestock, they are also going to become a huge part of our economy, especially in Agriculture. The economic benefit  UAS in agriculture alone is estimated at adding 2 billion to our economy according to the Association for Unmanned Vehicles & Systems International report in March of 2013.


Soybean Harvest Go Pro -8.jpg


Chad shares a short list of benefits of UAS on his website: 

  • Improved data collection about plants, soils & growing conditions.
  • Costs savings due to greater precision of inputs & reduced labor
  • Increased asset management
  • More timely decision making
  • Better ability to monitor plant and livestock health.

Whether or not you are on board with UAS, one thing is for sure, it gives farmers a whole new perspective. Luckily, while Chad was here we were just beginning soybean harvest. And thanks to UAS, we got to witness soybean harvest from the air. The images that came from the GoPro attached to the drone, as you can see, were pretty incredible. 


Soybean Harvest Go Pro -3.jpg


For more information about UAS or attending one of Chad's classes, visit his site AgTechTalk or you can follow Chad on Twitter where he regularly shares photos and videos from his latest UAS outings.