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  • Jennifer is a self proclaimed country girl born and raised in Northern California. After joining social media, Jenny met a farmer from North Dakota. She followed her heart all the way to the rural prairies of ND where she is now married to that farmer. Besides spending time with her farmer, Jenny can be found with a camera in hand capturing the world around her, loves the challenges of bringing culture to the North Dakota prairie through a variety of culinary creations, and using her interior design degree to flip their bachelor pad into a home. All of this and more can be found on her photography blog: jldphotographblog.com.
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Just a Crop Update...

by Jennifer_Dewey on ‎08-06-2014 02:31 PM

It's August. We should be combining wheat, but we aren't yet. We started the year out praying it stopped raining and now we've been praying for rain the last couple weeks. We finally got some, we got lucky. Sunflowers are just starting to bloom. It should be another week or so before they are full yellow. Corn is just set to pollinate, you can smell it. Soybeans have still got a long way to go...


It's just another year, farming. And this is just a crop update... At least the pictures are pretty, right? 

Crops 2014 -30.jpg


Crops 2014 -47.jpg


Crops 2014 -32.jpg


Crops 2014 -35.jpg


Crops 2014 -37.jpg


Crops 2014 -38.jpg


Crops 2014 -44.jpg


Crops 2014 -45.jpg